Wax On !

It’s been a couple weeks since the local rags blurbed about the new startup Crescent Brewing and only now have I had the chance to drive out to one of the 2 known locations it is on tap. I am at Wingers in Nampa and I spotted the Crescent Brewery Amber Ale right off when I walked in.
The very full glass showed me very little sign of a head and the first sip confirmed that it was under carbonated. The soft woody flavors are nice but there is a little sourness that is a bit reminiscent of cider.   Still cider (see above).  There is also a tang that I didn’t expect from an amber and the IBUs are a bit on the high side.  Still, tasty and is washing down my complimentary popcorn just fine.
I’m excited to see a new brewery pop up here in the Treasure Valley and will continue to keep an eye out for Crescent Brewery’s next outing.   My server mentioned that it may be a Porter.
Can’t wait for that.

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