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YardWork Break

So, it is only supposed to get up to 93 today, but spending a couple hours shoveling dirt into the back of your truck… then shoving it back out into a nearby vacant lot… a half dozen times will wear on ya. It was beer-30 after several of those round trips, and since I needed to stop at the bank, right across the street from what has be become my new favorite bottleshop/watering-hole, Brewforia, I decided to stop off for a pint to relax and cool off.
The hefeweizen I had the other day was now gone so I settled for and old trusted stand-by, Deschutes Black Butte Porter. Not exactly what I had in mind to beat today’s heat, but a very good porter and a known quantity. Actually BBP was what started me on my craft beer journey which is still coming along nicely, thank you very much.
The beer is clear dark brown with moderate to subtle roasted and coffee notes and that porter character that used to put me off of the style when I was just a newb. Kind of a sour astringent kick that hits you right after you think “…hey this is tasty…”
It’s there in all but the sweetest entries of the style and it is subtle and expected in this example. Kind of like that weird but friendly neighbor you have down the street that you don’t go out of your way to talk to, but always sends you a Christmas card each year and waves and says hi every time he sees you leave the subdivision. But I digress….
This is I think Deschutes’ flagship beer and even non beer-geeks would say “Black Butte” if you asked them if they had heard of the brewer. Possibly “Twilight” or “Mirror Pond” mitt be more popular now that I think about it.
Well, the glass is empty now, but there are even still lingering wisps of lacing clinging to the sides as I contemplate weather it is too early in the day for another.
Hmmm… still looks pretty hot out there…and it is practically 4 PM…