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“Growler” Fill Station in Boise

Historically, “Growlers” were galvanized “pails” in which folks could bring beer home from pre-prohibition small town local breweries.  They called them growlers because they supposedly made a growling noise as the CO2 escaped from the lid while they were bringing it home.   Today, they are typically glass bottles with screw top caps (to keep all that carbonation where it belongs)  and is still a convenient way to get good beer right from the tap,  “to-go”  Typically they are 64oz but there are also 1qt “growler-ettes” out there as well and some are double-walled stainless steel containers that do a pretty good job keeping the beer cold for quite a while.

Most, brewpubs offer growler fills for 10-15$ depending on the brew, plus another 5 or 10$ for the empty one if you didn’t bring yours in.  Some places are even specializing in growler fills.  Dedicated growler “fill-stations” they are calling themselves.  I think it is a great idea.  There is one opening up here is Boise called “PreFunk”.

The site for "PreFunk" in Boise

The site for “PreFunk” in Boise

They are even planning on offering a call ahead and online check-in service with your order so you can drive up and they have it ready for you.  This is sounding better and better all the time.  Not to mention that is in a perfect location.  Every 9-5’er leaving downtown west bound drives right by this place just as Front street funnels into the west bound “connector”.   Their website is not quite ready yet, nor could I find a Facebook page for them after a quick search.

It will be interesting to see what beers they are able to get. With 20 taps, they plan to have half of them representing local Brewpubs, according to a recent Statesman article.  I’ll be checking the place out this week


Falcon Tavern

The Boise chapter of BeerandBlog.com allegedly meets here at the Falcon Tavern on Bannock at in Boise, but never having attended one of their weekly meetings I am not sure if they are even here and if they are, what any of them look like.   I asked my sever about it the best I could, having not ever met any of them and apparently the meets are not very frequent in the summer.   I suppose I could stand up on the bar and inquire as to the presence of any Boise Beer Bloggers in as loud a voice as possible. However, if that were successful, it may defeat the purpose as I would possibly be asked to leave for making such a disturbance.
Thinking the better of that, I will just sit here and take care of this IPA from Snake River Brewing, that is actually not bad.
On that note, I was pleasantly surprised to find a local beer that I did not recognize. SRB is only a couple years old, out of McCall, ID and it is nice to see it here in Boise on tap. Light bodied and lots of fresh hop aroma and flavor and the IPAs claimed 7% ABV is hidden well.   Its got a little of that grassy, brown-paper-bag note but its faint and in my experience fairly common.  Its easy drinking which makes it a tad dangerous and as this glass is nearly… I think I’ll have another.