Homebrewing Project Progress

I’ve got a couple of “projects” in the pipeline and got a chance to work on each of them tonight.

The Hefeweizen I made a couple months ago was nearly gone and I don’t have enough corny’s or a big enough chest freezer/keggerator to inventory more than a couple batches.  So dumped out the last few quarts remaining to free up that keg.   It was just “OK” anyway and I got a bit bored of it, frankly.  It gets to be a bit of a chore to power though 5 gallons of mediocre beer when you’ve got other things to work on.  This is another argument for bottling I suppose.

Into that keg I transferred the Dopplebock that had been laggering for the last nearly 3 months and turned the temp controller to 24F.  Yup, its going to be an Eisbock. I’ll check it every 12 hours or so and when tipping the keg back and forth reveals that it is getting “slushy” I’ll use CO2 to push out the remaining liquid.  Shooting for about a 20-30% reduction on each of the two steps I pan to do.  Looking forward the that.

The Belgian Tripel finally got racked from Primary into the other 5gal corny I have but since the 24F keggerator was too cold, I just set it in my garage which is in the mid 30s after this cold weather that has come though this week.  Hooked the CO2 up to it and after a few days I’ll see how it’s doing and draw off the yeast that will undoubtedly settle out by then.

I’ve still got the second half of the Berliner-Weisse souring in a 3G carboy.  Haven’t tasted it in a while but I’ll probably bottle that this weekend and see how it turned out.  It is the half that I used the WYeast 5335 as opposed to the spontaneous Lacto I used for the other half.  A bottle of the latter I had the other day and it was great.  Light, tart, exactly the high carbonation I was shooting for and very refreshing especially after a hard workout on the bike trainer.

UPDATE 12-12-13


After a few days the Dopplebock didn’t sound like it was very frozen so I bumped down the temp to 21F and then it started to freeze.  A few days of checking it each night,I guessed that it was about half frozen, and hooked up a “jumper” from the out fitting to another corny’s out fitting and pressurized the source keg about 5psi and just vented the target keg every minute or two.  I filled the target keg, a 2.5G and wasn’t pulling any air yet from the other so there is probably 2.5-3G of mostly beer flavored “sno-cone” left in the other corny.  I’ll probably thaw it and take a gravity reading so I can figure out my ABV of the remaining Eisebock.

The Tripel out in the garaged has been on 25psi at about 35F for the last 5-6 days so I vented it a bit and hooked up a picnic faucet and after running it for a few ounces to pull up the sediment, poured a small glass for myself.  Nice light orange amber and nearly the carbonation level I want.   Still very cloudy, murky even.  Big fruity esters and the classic Belgian yeast aroma. Pretty earthy and muddy flavor, again I think a lot of sludge was stirred up.  I may even transfer it to another keg to help clear it up.   Pretty big alcohol burn, as I think I calc’d it at 10.3%.  So, It’l do the trick.

I’ll likely bring a little of each to an early Christmas work party to share, and in a week is the homebrewers club meeting where I will be able to get some feedback and suggestions.  So I got that going for me.


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