Friday Afternoon at TableRock

For at least this past summer, Boise’s venerable downtown brewpub has typically waited until Friday afternoon to bring out whatever is new for that week.  It was explained to me that this simply helps the chances of whatever is unveiled, to last the weekend.  Usually it is something unique, possibly bizarre and one-off and there is only a single keg of it.

I happened to be there at the right time, last week and took my favorite seat nearest the windows where I could watch Kerry, the brew-mistress do her thing.  Checking gravity readings, monitoring fermenter temperatures, holding samples up to the light, tasting this and that etc.  My sample that day was distinctly citrusy, lemon to be precise, and very tasty.    It was Galaxy dry-hopped mead.  Dry-Hopped…as in…with hops.  I had never tasted anything like that, nor frankly even thought about dry-hoping mead.  It was really good and I was glad to be there to get the first few ounces dispensed.  I got to chat with Kerry for a minute and when I mentioned that I liked it and that Dry-hoping mead was a bit unusual, she gave me a confused look and said  “I’m a brewer”


My Friday afternoons might be pretty much booked for a while.

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