Breweries Hopping up everywhere in Boise

See what I did there?…”hopping” up…and I’m just barley getting started…try the veal…I’m here til Tuesday…”

But seriously,  they are just coming out of the woodwork around here.  We are up to 13 or 14 breweries in the Boise/Meridian/Garden City metropolis (getting harder to keep track these days) and one of the latest to throw its hop-hat in the ring is “Edge” Brewing.   The local newspaper reported last week about this new player and I have it on good authority that the recent new Brewmaster at Table Rock will be making beer for Edge as well.  Possibly as a guest or a regular/rotational brewer.

Marcus Bezuhly, the owner of Garden City’s “HomeBrewStuff”, west Boise/Garden City’s go-to home-brew supply shop, is behind this new project and it will be off of Emerald in West Boise.  Reports are that this place will be focusing on experimental, one-off recipes that will be here and gone forever, to be replaced by the next hair-brained concoction.  I can’t wait to see how Edge will push the envelope of what we have come to consider beer is and isn’t.  Who’s to say you can’t make a fig porter or a radish-cucumber pale ale.  Who knows…who cares.  Let’s do it !  I’m in!



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