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Boise’s North-End has a “Nano-Pub” Cloud 9 opens it’s doors

Boise’s latest brewpub has opened in the Downtown/North end area and it was immediately evident that I waited far too long to make my inaugural visit. Over the last few months, Woodland Empire, and Edge Brewing have thrown their hat … Continue reading

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Edge Brewing – First Visit

The latest entry into the fray of Treasure Valley breweries is Edge Brewing.  Backed by multiple partners/investors, local home-brew supply shop, HomeBrewStuff’s owner Marcus Bezuhly is behind it and Kerry Caldwell, formerly of TableRock BrewPub is brewing it.  Edge is … Continue reading

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Oskar Blues returns to Boise

Its been a couple years since Lyons Colorado’s Oskar Blues’ distinctive cans have been seen on the shelves of craft beer sellers here in the Treasure Valley. Back in the Summer of 2010, citing production and capacity limits, the decision … Continue reading

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Craft Beer – Not just for Bottles

It is generally accepted that the best freshest beer is when it is right out of the keg.  On draft or on tap.  After that, the packaging that is used can affect the condition of the beer after a little … Continue reading

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Woodland Empire opens it’s doors

Another landmark event in the Treasure Valley’s craft beer explosion.  Woodland Empire Ale Craft opened it’s doors yesterday afternoon and began pouring the first four of what promises to be an interesting and eclectic gamut of craft beer for Boise … Continue reading

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Launching a craft beer revival in Boise

Brewforia Beer Market.  A purveyor of craft beer here in Boise and a location that I have been neglecting lately.  With the exponential growth of craft Breweries and bottles shops in the Boise area, this pioneer, spearhead of the movement … Continue reading

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A visit from the Reverend

Last week, out of the blue I received a direct twitter message asking what the best bars/tap lists/brewpubs in Boise were.  The sender was @revnatcider a fairly new hard cider maker from Portland and was headed this way, talking to bars … Continue reading

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Home Brewpub

I’ve written before, and mentioned several times since, about the recent craft beer explosion in the Boise area.  What I often tell people is 4 years ago there were 4 on premise brewing BrewPubs in town…now there are 9…I think..with … Continue reading

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Homebrewing Project Progress

I’ve got a couple of “projects” in the pipeline and got a chance to work on each of them tonight. The Hefeweizen I made a couple months ago was nearly gone and I don’t have enough corny’s or a big … Continue reading

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There is a group of beer enthusiasts in the Boise area that get together a few times a year for the sole purpose of sharing high end craft beer that, under the rules of engagement, are not available in the … Continue reading

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