This blog is intended to be a combination of news, reviews, and commentary from my own experiences with Homebrewing and commercial Craftbeer.  Hopefully it wll be interesting, somewhat informative and occasionally amusing as it also provides an outlet fro my modest creative writing interest.

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  1. Daniel Shamblin Foster says:

    A friend and I are starting a Boise craft beer magazine, to feature content very similar to what you write here. It’ll be a printed mag, distributed to breweries, tasting rooms, etc…., as well as featured on our website. Might you be interested in submitting original content to the mag?

  2. Matt Parola says:


    I’m a independent filmmaker making a documentary about craft beer in the United States. We have lucked out and locked down some of the biggest names in craft beer.

    I am writing you because we would greatly appreciate if you wouldn’t mind posting about our project or anything really that could help get us some much needed exposure.

    We are in the final week of fundraising on IndieGoGo. You can see a video about the project and a recently launched trailer at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/brewland or check out our website at http://brewlandfilm.com. Let us know what you think.

    I can send a press release, provide images, links or any info if your interested!

    Thank you for the time and consideration!


    • brewster says:

      Thanks for the comment. Following you now on twitter. I also am a contributor to the monthly publication IdahoBrewMag. I will tweet out a blurb or wo about your project which should very interesting and fun. I hope you can include some PNW breweries in your extended interview list. Good luck on your project

  3. I benefit from perusing your internet site. Thanks!

  4. ole says:

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